David with his daughter at Jaycee Park

About Me...

  • Proud husband and father

  • 28-year resident of Troy

  • Experienced Council Member with a thorough knowledge of city processes and finances 

  • Graduate of Troy School District

  • Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering from U of M

  • 16 years of experience in the auto industry focused on safety technology and enhancing car connectivity to the internet

My Story...

I can't say it enough: I love Troy. It's not just the place where I’ve chosen to put down roots, but it’s where I was born and raised. I made my best friends here. I was inspired to become an Engineer here. My family blossomed here and made me want to be a dad one day. I owe a lot to our community and all it has taught me.

I grew up in Sylvan Glen. My first memories are of pre-school at St. Stephen’s. From elementary through high school, I was a proud member of the Orchestra. I played both the violin and viola. I’m also an avid book reader, all thanks to the Troy Public Library.

My father was a big part of the community. He was a volunteer at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Church, the Troy Community Chorus, and coached baseball. People admired and respected him, and that wasn’t lost on me, even as a kid. He was my hero and the reason I first wanted to run for Council. He showed me that one person can make a big difference in the world.


When I was 16, he passed away from a heart attack. It was sudden and I was completely devastated. The community in Troy rallied around me and my family. Neighbors brought us home cooked meals. Teachers took me aside to talk and console me when I could barely make it through class. I’ll never forget their kindness and no matter where life took me as an adult, I knew I wanted to return to Troy and raise a family here.


David with his dad and brother at Flynn Park '93


My dad was also responsible for my desire to become an Engineer. He owned a company that sold electrical components. At 14, he allowed me to create a website for the business and it sparked my interest in technology, math and science. He’d be proud to know that I went to the University of Michigan and graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree.


For the last 16 years, I’ve worked in the auto industry. I’ve built vehicle simulators and self-driving cars. I’ve worked on advanced safety technology. I have Patents, both approved and pending. Today, I work at Ford, improving car connectivity to the internet.

I moved back to Troy in 2014 with the love of my life; my wife Steph. We welcomed our first child, Victoria, in 2019. She’s two years old and is an absolute joy. I’m incredibly grateful that she gets to grow up here in Troy.

I joined Council in 2017 and it's been one of the most rewarding and eye-opening experiences of my life. As an Engineer, I’ve loved getting into the numbers and the gritty details of how the city functions. I'd be extremely grateful to have another term and apply what I've learned to the next four years, especially when it comes to the consequential update to our Master Plan.


My main motivation for running for re-election is to make sure all the children in Troy get to enjoy the same childhood I had. I want to protect the things that shaped me into the person I am today: our library, parks, recreation programs, community center, green spaces, and safe and caring neighborhoods. I hope to earn your vote on November 2nd.


Heading 1

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David with his nephews at 2017 Troy Fire Station Open House